Stem Cell Antiaging

Anti-aging and Aesthetic Stem Cell Treatment is a non-surgical, minimally invasive, natural technique procedure that consists of the direct application of Stem Cells and autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRPa) directly to specific skin layers or areas of opportunity adjusted to each patient.  

This treatment enhances the appearance of our skin and can restore hair growth, making it possible for our patients to receive biological-based therapy and not resort to painful invasive methods with long recovery periods.


All personalized treatment plans are based on each patient´s diagnosis and/or current condition.

Anti-aging and Aesthetic treatments generally consist of low systemic stimulation through I.V. therapy and if the condition indicates, local stimulation with a facial application of stem cells in combination with autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRPa) achieving a direct stimulation to affected tissue or organ. Example: Face, Neck, Hands, Scalp, etc.

All specific procedures are explained in detail during consultation with Dr. Cesar Fonseca.