Dr. Cesar Fonseca holds both American and Mexican Citizenship and is a Medical school graduate of the University of Guadalajara with a focus on Surgery and Obstetrics.  He has multiple certifications from the American Heart Association, specializes in hospital and clinic settings where interventions can be quite aggressive, and has led many training programs and seminars in CPR, Basic Life Support, and Toxicology for first responders of the State of Jalisco, Mexico.

He started in the field of regenerative medicine specializing right out of medical school as he realized the need to offer novel therapy options that would actually improve patient´s quality of life on top of the standard healthcare system approach. Dr. Fonseca began his stem cell therapy practice in one of the largest stem cell laboratories in Latin America, became director for the Medical Tourism department, as their only English-speaking physician, going on to become their principal trainer and lecturer to doctors in Mexico looking to learn how to better integrate stem cells therapeutically to their current medical practices for almost 5 years.

Beyond CellCare was founded by Dr. Cesar Fonseca, M.D. in 2022 to provide integrative treatments, identifying that addressing all aspects involved in a disease or condition while carrying out a medical protocol with evidence-based medicine, extensive follow-up and personalized assistance along the way will always have superior outcomes. Dr. Fonseca has the objective of making stem cell therapy benefits accessible to everyone no matter where they are and to improve recovery that humane and ethical health care attention, which unfortunately,  is not often seen anymore.

Dr. Cesar Fonseca