Stem cell therapy is a field of medicine that utilizes stem cells for the treatment and prevention of diseases and injuries. Stem cells are special cells capable of transforming into various cell types in the body. The therapy aims to regenerate, repair, or replace damaged cells to restore normal tissue function.  Potential benefits of stem cell therapy include tissue regeneration, treatment of heart diseases, repair of spinal cord injuries, management of neurodegenerative diseases, faster recovery from sports injuries, treatment of autoimmune diseases, wound healing, treatment of ocular diseases, improved lung function, and therapeutic potential in various diseases.

Stem Cell Therapy


Exosomes are tiny vesicles that are secreted or released by all the cell types in our body and transmit signaling molecules to other cells (celular signaling mechanisms).

Exosome therapy is one of the most novel and developing therapies in the field of regenerative medicine that utilizes this tiny vesicles specifically secreted by stem cells to deliver therapeutic molecules to specific cells in the body; Stem cell exosomes contain a variety of biomolecules including proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids that excert stem cell signaling.

Exosome´s transportation and mechanism differences due to their smaller size and bodie´s distribution provide new oportunities for regenerative medicine benefits in many conditions and diseases either by them selves or in combination with stem celltherapy, depending on therapeutical objectives and specialist´s indication.