The last study conducted by the National Health Interview Survey in the U.S. found that 50.2 million adults (20.5%) reported pain on most days or every day. Chronic pain is associated with reduced quality of life, increased medical expenditures, and significant economic costs.

There are many causes of chronic pain such as an incomplete injury repair, joint degeneration, neuropathy, secondary effects of specific diseases such as Lyme disease or multiple sclerosis.

Stem Cell Therapies have shown to be effective in improving the severity of this symptom, therefor improving the quality of life and functionality of patients that submit to this treatment.


All personalized treatment plans are based on each patient´s specific diagnosis and/or current condition.

Chronic Pain treatments generally consist of systemic stimulation through I.V. therapy and if condition indicates, local stimulation with on-site injection of stem cells in combination with autologous platelet rich plasma (PRPa) achieving a direct stimulation.

All specific procedures are explained in detail during consultation with Dr. Fonseca.