Our immune system is very important as the system responsible for protecting us from diseases, and microorganisms that could cause infections and maintaining good quality of cells in our tissues.

An autoimmune disease occurs when our immune system loses the ability to differentiate between what’s our own tissue and what is not, triggering an immune response and attacking our body´s healthy cells.

Stem cell therapies have been proven to regulate the immune system and to be an effective integrative therapy in Rheumatology that offers new ways to help control the damage caused by several mechanisms that, unfortunately, are not completely understood yet. Providing the opportunity to improve the quality of life of many patients who believed they had no options.


All personalized treatment plans are based on each patient´s specific diagnosis and/or current condition.

Autoimmune diseases treatments generally consist of systemic stimulation through I.V. therapy and if condition indicates, local stimulation with on-site injection of stem cells in combination with autologous platelet rich plasma (PRPa) achieving a direct stimulation to affected tissue or organ.

All specific procedures are explained in detail during consultation with Dr. Fonseca.