There are divisions in the anatomy of our eyes called “Chambers” divided in 3 sections, anterior, posterior and vitreous; Each chamber has it´s specific function that all together become in the tool provided by nature to appreciate and experience our surroundings and reality.

Stem cell therapies have shown promising results in the treatment of several eye conditions. Vitreous chamber degenerative diseases (retina, macula, optic nerve) are the group of diseases that have shown better outcomes in research and clinical applications of stem cells; hence this are the group of diseases that will be addressed in therapy.


All personalized treatment plans are based on each patient´s specific diagnosis and/or current condition.

Ophtalmological diseases treatments generally consist of local stimulation with on-site injection of stem cells through a Retrobulbar delivery. Combination of systemic stimulation through I.V. therapy, if condition indicates.

All specific procedures are explained in detail during consultation with Dr. Fonseca.